Fiji Business Disaster Resilience Council

With the support of the Connecting Business initiative, the Fiji Business Disaster Resilience Council, hosted by the Fiji Commerce and Employers’ Federation, was launched on 22 July 2016. The Fiji Business Disaster Resilience Council, together with partners from Government, civil society and the international community in Fiji, is:

  • building a local structure to coordinate business engagement with the Government, NGOs, UN organizations and other actors before, during and after emergencies;
  • strengthening the resilience of businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises, to withstand and recover from emergencies through training programs on business continuity, first responders, weather patterns, etc.;
  • integrating the private sector into national disaster management planning and processes, as well as resilience and disaster risk management programs by the UN, NGOs and others;
  • engaging with the Government on priority policy issues;
  • identifying and engaging private sector capacities and resources to respond to emergencies, pre-position agreements in preparation for emergencies and match capacities to humanitarian needs before, during and after emergencies;
  • assisting in coordinating the national, regional and global private sector response to emergencies in-country by acting as a local entry point for the private sector supporting the Government-led and UN-supported response; and
  • building a local information database and monitoring mechanism, linked to the Connecting Business global portal.

The Fiji Business Disaster Resilience Council was formed following tropical cyclone Winston, a Category 5 cyclone which struck Fiji in February 2016, impacting businesses of all sizes and across all sectors, including through the disruption of supply chains and distribution channels, loss of stock and damage to premises. Despite being heavily impacted by the cyclone, a large number of local and regional businesses from a variety of industry sectors made, and continue to make, significant contributions towards the humanitarian response and recovery efforts.

Membership of the Council is inclusive and is – in addition to the private sector - open to civil society, government and international organisations .


The Council will:

  • Expand and manage a contact database of businesses, government, civil society, NGOs and UN Agencies as network members and associate members and build relationships between the stakeholders.
  • Map private sector capacity and resources pre-disaster to enable an effective and inclusive response to disasters in a timely manner. 
  • Integrate the private sector in the Fiji Disaster Management Cluster system and the Fijian Disaster Management Council (DISMAC)  with the support from the Government.
  • Coordinate training to its business network to support and strengthen the business community that include: business continuity management and other disaster risk reduction practices, introduction to the current disaster management system, first responders, and weather prediction management and weather interpretation.
  • Create and operate a portal that offers awareness and provide local content disaster risk management and offer access to relevant disaster risk management information and tools.

The Fiji Business Disaster Resilience Council is hosted by the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation (FCEF) and meets on a monthly basis.

Get Involved:

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  2. Support the network through funding, in-kind contributions, program collaboration or advice


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