The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in collaboration with humanitarian partners in support of the national government issued a Haiti Flash Appeal and estimated that $119 million is required to assist 1.4 million people. 806,000 need food assistance urgently. The appeal aims to support the Government in addressing the most critical needs for shelter, water and sanitation, emergency health, food, protection over the next three months.
The United Nations and the international community are requesting help from the private sector to assist with emergency response and recovery in Haiti.


  • Emergency shelter and essential non-food items
  • WASH (water distribution systems)
  • Health (emergency care and prevention of cholera-outbreak)
  • Food security, nutrition, and emergency agriculture
  • Displacement Ttarcking Matrix (DTM)
  • Protection (gender-based violence, family separation and exposure of children to violence)
  • Education (more than 300 schools were affected)
  • Early recovery and livelihoods (rebuilding infrastructure and housing)
  • Logistics and emergency telecommunications
  • Coordination and support services


Businesses can support in many ways:

  1. CONTRIBUTE TO THE HAITI FLASH APPEAL - contribute directly to aid organizations participating in the international humanitarian coordination mechanisms identified in the Haiti Flash Appeal. To access the complete appeal, a full list of contacts and information on humanitarian activities included in this plan, as well as information on humanitarian activities throughout the country, please visit: www.humanitarianresponse.info/haiti
  2. CENTRAL EMERGENCY RESPONSE FUND - The Central Emergency Response Fund is a fast and effective way to support rapid humanitarian response. CERF provides immediate funding for life-saving humanitarian action at the onset of emergencies and for crises that have not attracted sufficient funding. Contributions are received year-round. www.unocha.org/cerf/donate
  3. IN-KIND AND SERVICE SUPPORT - The United Nations urges donors to make cash rather than in-kind donations, for maximum speed and flexibility, and to ensure the most appropriate aid is delivered effectively to those most in need. Companies that have employees, suppliers, customers in the region, or those with existing agreements with responding humanitarian organizations, should reach out to and provide support to these groups directly. For in-kind donations or pro bono services your company provide, please go to business.un.org or write to pss@un.org. Please be as specific as possible in what you are donating including the time-frame for delivery and any conditions. We will then pass your offer to the most appropriate organizations.
  4. COMMERCIAL OFFERS - If your offer is commercial in nature, please go to www.ungm.org for more information.  


  • The UN Secretary-General encourages companies to coordinate their response efforts with the United Nations and the Government of Haiti in order to ensure coherence with priorities set by national authorities and to minimize gaps and duplications with the other responders.  All responders are encouraged to source supplies locally in Haiti whenever possible to help stimulate the economy and speed the recovery.
  • All response activities should be guided by the humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence. Stakeholder engagement is key to corporate engagement in humanitarian response. Relief efforts succeed when they collaboratively mobilize civil society. 
  • Business contributions to the UN response efforts must comply with the Guidelines on Cooperation between the UN and the Business Sector www.business.un.org/en/documents/guidelines

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We thank you in advance for your generosity in responding to this urgent appeal. Please report contributions to fts@un.org, or complete the online form at www.fts.unocha.org where real-time updates on humanitarian funding are also available.