Myanmar Private Sector Disaster Management Network (MPD Network)


Myanmar’s private sector has increasingly been taking active part in disaster response and recovery. During the 2015 floods and landslides the Union of the Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) and other private companies delivered critical assistance and support to the recovery process in affected areas. UMFCCI and other partners in Myanmar are working together to establish the Myanmar Private Sector Disaster Management Network, which will coordinate private sector engagement and strengthen the resilience of businesses in Myanmar.


1.    To establish and maintain a coordination architecture which would serve as a clear entry point for the private sector in the broader national coordination led by the Government:

  • bringing together relevant actors and leveraging ongoing initiatives, and existing networks and programs to enhance private sector coordination on disaster risk reduction, emergency preparedness, response and recovery activities; 
  • connecting businesses to government, international organisations, civil society organisations and other actors to identify and match needs before, during and after emergencies.

2.    To strengthen the capacity of businesses and business associations in Myanmar: 

  • facilitating the mobilization of human and material resources to support business engagement; 
  • supporting the delivery of programs to build the capacity and resilience of businesses and business associations.


Cyclone Nargis of 2008 was the worst natural disaster in recent memory, leaving about 140,000 people missing or dead. Historical data shows that there have been medium to large/scale natural disasters every few years. Myanmar is currently ranked 9th out of 191 countries on the Index for Risk Management (INFORM) which assesses the risk of humanitarian crisis and disasters that could overwhelm national capacity to respond. With climate change increasing the severity and frequency of some extreme weather events, the impact of future disasters is likely to be more intense, particularly for vulnerable populations. All of this necessitates high levels of disaster preparedness and a commitment to disaster risk reduction. 

The Myanmar Private Sector network will support the country’s private sector to engage easier, faster and more efficiently in disaster risk reduction, preparedness, response and recovery through the implementation of its activities.


UMFCCI and other stakeholders in Myanmar are partnering to build the Myanmar Private Sector Disaster Management Network, which will:

  • Strengthen relationships between the network and external stakeholders, including international organizations, civil society and government.
  • Support members with business continuity and contingency planning;
  • Support pre-positioning and mapping of resources and help establish partnership agreements; and
  • Provide training for business on how to engage more effectively in DRR, disaster relief and recovery and form partnerships. Build a website that will connect the Myanmar network with the global portal of the Connecting Business initiative.

Get involved

  1. Join the network
  2. Support the network through funding, in-kind contributions, program collaboration or advice