Business Disaster Resiliency Program for Turkey / Sağlam Kobi

Introduction: Since 2013, The UPS Foundation, the World Economic Forum, the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey (CSR-Turkey) have managed a disaster preparedness initiative for small and medium size enterprises, entitled “Business Disaster Resiliency Program for Turkey” or “Sağlam Kobi” in Turkish. Sağlam Kobi is an effort to help create disaster-resilient businesses, promote preparedness, and accelerate recovery after disasters. The UPS Foundation, a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Catastrophic Risks,  is the underwriter of the program.

Purpose: The goal is to engage the private and public sectors and civil society organizations to work together and identify best practices to enhance the resilience of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey. Through this collective effort, Sağlam Kobi provides SMEs with a suite of resources designed to assist businesses of all sizes. Businesses that only have a few minutes can access simple tips to prepare themselves and their staff for disasters by accessing the unique content on Businesses can fill out an assessment tool, review a disaster preparedness checklist and 20 tips for preparedness, or build a preparedness plan using the DRB Toolkit.

Partners: UPS Foundation, World Economic Forum, US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey (CSR-Turkey)

Advisory Board Members: AFAD, American Business Forum in Turkey, AKUT Rescue and Research Association, Beyazgemi, Bosporus University Kandilli Observatory, Civil Society Disaster Platform, DP World Yarımca, Glakso Smith Kline, Google Turkey, Halkbank, IBM Turkey, ING Bank, Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Istanbul Commerce University, Istanbul Development Agency, Istanbul Governorship- Project Coordination Unit, ITU Center of Excellence for Disaster Management, Kadir Has University, Neighborhood Disaster Volunteers Foundation, Pharma Vision, Social Innovation Center, South Eastern Anatolia Development Program (GAP), Support to Life Association, Turkish Confederation of Employers Association (TISK), Turkish Economy Bank (TEB), UN Global Compact, UNDP International Entrepreneurship Center, ZED.

Activities: Through this collective effort we provide SMEs with a suite of resources designed to assist businesses of all sizes with disaster preparedness. Through online resources and in-person trainings we provide small businesses with resources at varying levels of complexity and intensity to ensure that all businesses have an opportunity to increase their preparedness levels.  

Sağlam Kobi Projesi Adana'da TanıtıldıAchievements: 

  • 40 +  Key Organizations on Disaster Management and Business Community have been integrated to the Saglam KOBI process
  • 1500+ Business Representatives Trained across Turkey 
  • 44 training sessions have been organized in 13 cities of Turkey
  • 44,698 unique visitors on  
  • Sağlam Kobi news published in major magazines reaching 40.100 subscribers and raising awareness on Disaster Preparedness for SMEs
  • 115 businesses registered to DRB Toolkit
  • 330 businesses filled the Preparedness test

Governance: The program partners collaborate closely with advisory board members to ensure the program is meeting the needs of small businesses in Turkey. 

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A video about Saglam Kobi available here